Logo Redesign | Branding | Web & Mobile APp Design

Spring 2021

This project was completed in two phases. In the first phase, the objective was simple; update the logo and establish a brand identity for the company that would lend itself to further brand recognition. The logo required an update that modernized the aesthetic and reflected the values of the teastore. Subsequently, the brand identity was altered to emulate the changes made to the logomark creating a consistent, unified appearance throughout all design elements.

Sketches for the teastore's new logo


To start generating ideas, a mind map, mood board and market research were created and from these findings, the initial sketches were developed. As the target demographic for this company is quite vast and the previous logo was a simple design, it was determined that the logo would remain modest and minimal to attract the largest audience possible.

The images above showcase the original logo (top) and newly redesigned logo (bottom).


After reviewing all the sketches, two logos were selected and digitized. Various colour palettes and typefaces were applied to the logos to determine the ultimate pairing. During the first round of the colour selection process, none of the colour samples successfully paired with either logo, therefore additional hues were tested to find the perfect combination.

From the two logos presented, Concept 1 was chosen as the new emblem for the teastore. With the new logo, a branding guide was developed along with a stationery package that included official letterhead, business cards and envelopes.

Moving on to phase 02

Upon developing a new logo and brand identity, it was important to continue to modernize and extend the branding into the digital realm. As e-commerce is a major source of revenue for companies, it was evident that redesigning the website and developing a mobile app would be beneficial for the teastore. New features would be included on the website to improve the user experience and a mobile app would be created to provide a competitive edge over other local tea retailers.

A ficitional persona used to created the new website and mobile app for teastore


To adhere to the brand’s newly established identity, more mood boards were created for the website and mobile application. When developing the website, a site map was drafted to ensure all relevant content was included and organized accordingly. Additionally, a persona was developed for the mobile application in order to create an app that met the needs of the consumer.

Wireframe sketches for the teastore's mobile application and website redesign


Following the conceptualization of the website and mobile app, sketches were developed to illustrate the format and layouts of various pages. With the new design, users are able to save their favourite products, leave reviews and access their teastore Tastemaker Rewards Card.


From the second phase of this project, a new website, mobile application and fifteen-second mobile app demonstration video were created to further modernize the teastore.