Hummingbird Chocolate

Logo Redesign | Packaging Design

Fall 2021

Hummingbird Chocolate produces quality, artisan chocolate using sustainably sourced, fair-trade cacao beans. As this company prepares indulgent, exceptionally crafted products, it is important that their values and standards be reflected in their logo and packaging design. For the first phase of this project, the objective was to simplify the logo, so details are not lost when it’s reduced in size.

Sketches for the Hummingbird Chocolate logo redesign


The current Hummingbird Chocolate logo is quite intricate and detail is lost when it’s reduced in size. To combat this issue, sketches were created for a simplified logo redesign. By converting the logo to a more minimalist design, not only does it resolve the sizing issue, it also represents the simple list of ingredients used to create Hummingbird Chocolate products.

The images above showcase the original logo (top) and newly redesigned logo (bottom).


Using the sketches as references, it was now time to create a digital version of the logo design. Various colours and typefaces were tested to find the ultimate pairing. To narrow the colour palette selection for the logo, inspiration was drawn from the Violet-bellied Hummingbird which is native to Central America, a region where much of Hummingbird Chocolate cacao is sourced from. Therefore, many purple hues were examined until the perfect deep violet tone was chosen.

Moving on to phase 02

Once the logo design was finalized, it was on to redesigning the packaging for the chocolate bars. A top priority in this phase of the design was to ensure that the information provided on the chocolate bars was consistent between flavours and establish a uniform format for presenting the content included on the bars.


In addition to the logo, sketches and a mood board were created for the packaging redesign. Hummingbirds come in a wide variety of colours, and these bright colours were considered when creating a mood board. As the company sources its cacao beans from many regions globally, a thematic strategy for the packaging design was developed by creating the slogan “taste your way around the world”. In using this slogan as inspiration, the packaging design resembles an old luggage tag with the information about the chocolate bar being displayed in a similar fashion.


The deliverables for the project included new chocolate bar packaging for five flavours and a bundle box packaging.  Again, the colour palette for the individual bars were selected by researching hummingbirds that are local to the regions where the cacao is sourced. And the bundle box packaging was designed to resemble a suitcase to further reinforce the overall theme.