Desert Scape Glampgrounds

Web Design

Spring 2021

The demand for short-term rental properties has surged in recent years. Many people appreciate the comforts of home whilst travelling, and are opting for vacation rentals over the traditional hotel accommodations. The objective for this project was to design a website for a fictional company, Desert Scape Glampgrounds, to advertise their available properties and create a design aesthetic that is relevant to the company’s brand.

A sitemap for Desert Scape GlampgroundsA mood board for the Desert Scape Glampgrounds website


After reviewing a client brief, market research was conducted to better understand the target audience and recurring trends among competitors’ sites. From this information, a sitemap was created to properly define each webpage and all content that would be included. Additionally, a mood board and list of adjectives were used to establish a visual design direction for the project. At this time, the logo, iconography, typography, colour palettes and button and social media icon styles were finalized.

Website wireframe for the homepageWebsite wireframe for the about page


Following the ideation phase, the sitemap was utilized to develop mobile and desktop wireframes for all webpages to produce a cohesive layout format for the website.