Britannia Yacht Club Event Ads

Poster Design | Social Media Post Design

Spring 2022

The Britannia Yacht Club hosts many events throughout the year for its members. To increase attendance, the manager requested poster and social media posts be designed to advertise and promote upcoming events.

The image above showcases a previous poster advertisement for the Easter Brunch at Britannia Yacht Club.


During the initial design phase for each poster, there was a consultation with the manager to receive a design brief and discuss the project requirements for each poster. In these meetings, we discussed the importance of establishing a branded, consistent appearance across all the posters and social media post designs.

Prior to this, the Club had no uniform branding on their advertisements for upcoming events. Therefore, the prominently displayed Britannia Yacht Club logo was vital in establishing uniformity in all the designs for the future festivities.


Once the general design direction was established for each event, the posters were digitally created and then adapted to create the various social media posts used to inform members of the upcoming events.