Paper Bag Lunch Company

Print Design

Spring 2020

With annual reports, there is a great deal of information provided and it requires a strong design and layout format to make the content engaging and digestible for the reader. Therefore, the objective for this project was to create a captivating and visually stimulating annual report for a fictional company.

A mood board for the Paper Bag Lunch Company's annual report


As the company name references a paper bag, kraft paper elements and textures were incorporated into the design to establish a solid foundation for the overall aesthetic of the annual report. This initial design decision lent itself to developing an earth tone colour palette, mood board with handcrafted imagery and corresponding font pairing selections.

The sketches for the Paper Bag Lunch Company's annual report


Once a design direction was formed, it was important to develop a layout strategy to format all the text and imagery, ensuring that all content would fit and be appropriately displayed within the final version of the report.